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Auckland Council is pleased to work in partnership with Neighbourhood Support Auckland as we are both committed to providing safe communities.

Graffiti vandalism

Graffiti is vandalism when done without permission.

Assisting with graffiti removal

Auckland Council runs a proactive graffiti prevention program. An objective of the Zero Tolerance policy is the swift removal of street frontage graffiti from private property & small business. This will be done within 24 hrs of being reported. Another objective is to bring graffiti vandals to justice, with files being passed to police. Contractors photograph tagging before painting them out, entering them into a regional database and are used for prosecution purposes. Photographs sent in by the public are also available to police for this purpose.

Operations Manager: Allan Norgorove Phone: 09 307 5761 or email:


  • Phone Auckland Council call centre Ph: 09 301 0101. We welcome anyone reporting graffiti to join the anti graffiti vandalism volunteer programme

Volunteers Programme

To assist small business and private property owners to remove their own street frontage graffiti vandalism, Auckland Council supports a comprehensive anti graffiti vandalism volunteer programme. Volunteers are provided with a joining pack, a brush or roller kit and the option of the nine standard colours (as displayed within the residential palette) free of charge.

Enquiries can be made through the Auckland Council call centre 09 379 2020 or by email to

Ready Dial 111 to report a crime in action.