How do I report a crime?

Dial 111 from any phone to report a crime or a suspicious activity in action. Alternatively, dial 302 6400 for non-emergency crime reporting.

What is Neighbourhood Watch and Neighbourhood Support?

Neighbourhood Watch was introduced by New Zealand Police in the late 70's as a crime prevention initiative. This has later evolved into a formal organisation known as the Neighbourhood Support, which is working closely with the Police and other strategic partners. The national body, Neighbourhood Support New Zealand Incorporated was established in 2000 and oversees a total of 12 district Neighbourhood Support organisations throughout New Zealand.

For further details, check out the Neighbourhood Support WIKI: Neighbourhood Support - Wiki

How much does it cost to join Neighbourhood Support Auckland City (NSAKL)?

It's FREE to join NSAKL, but any donation is gratefully accepted.

Is there is a street group on my street?

A list of street groups can be found here. In the mean time, please contact your community constable who can put you in touch with either the Street Contact near you or an Area Coordinator.

A list of community constables is available here

How can I help as a volunteer?

NSAKL always needs volunteers to help with various tasks. Your help is very much appreciated, so please send us a message via the online enquiry form, send us an email to office@nsakl.org.nz or contact us on 09 815 9605. Someone will be in touch with you very shortly.

Can I get some Neighbourhood Support stickers?

Neighbourhood Support stickers are provided to members only and is part of the membership pack when you join.

How can I get a Neighbourhood Support street sign?

Neighbourhood Support street signs are provided when you set up a street group.

How do I set up a street group?

Click here for step by step information on how to set up a street group. If you need further assistance, please write to office@nsakl.org.nz. Alternatively, you can phone our office on 09 8159605 and leave your details.

How does NSAKL run as an organisation?

NSAKL is a New Zealand Incorporated Society bound by a set of rules (Constitution) and is run by a committee that meets at least once a month. The committee is elected annually at the AGM. Click here to see who are in the current committee.

Can I view the Constitution of NSAKL Inc.?

Yes, click here to view the Constitution of NSAKL Inc.

Can I view minutes of the monthly committee meeting?

Yes, meeting minutes are available in Members Space on NSAKL web site. To access the Members Space, you need to log in using your member's credentials. If you don't know how to log in, you can ask for help by sending us an online enquiry.

Ready Dial 111 to report a crime in action.