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Wanted Volunteer for Neighbourhood Support Auckland City based in Mt Albert.

We are a small group of keen community minded people that are always in need of someone to help.

A willingness to ask questions and openly communicate with the Board of Directors would be welcomed.

Your volunteer hours are flexible and we predict two hours or 8 hours per month would be great. 

If this sounds like you, contact the office at (09) 8159605 to find out more. (updated: 11/10/2015)

FREE Good Neighbour Magazine

Your local community news update and lots of safety tips.

You can read it online here or get a print copy from either your area coordinator or community constable.

Limited copies are also available at various community centres.

Thank you for your support

We would like to thank all members who offered assistance to the Auckland Welfare effort after the Christchurch Earthquake. Your offer of assistance were gratefully received by welfare agencies responsible for responding to the evacuees from Christchurch.

Christchurch Earthquake Relief - Accommodation

pdfAuckland Fact Sheet (AWAG) March 2011

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Red Cross Emergency Grants: details and application forms available.

Ready Dial 111 to report a crime in action.